A list of appointments for scheduleable users in AyaNova This list is what populates the schedule calendar (Read only collection )

The AppointmentList..::..AppointmentListInfo type exposes the following members.


Public methodEquals


Public propertyAllDay
Public propertyAppliesToObjectID
Object ID appointment applies to
Public propertyAppliesToObjectType
What object type this appointment applies to, can be single user or another object type that represents a group of users such as: region, sched user group etc etc
Public propertyBackColorARGB
Back color of appointment could be workorder status or schedmarker colour
Public propertyDetails
Public propertyEndDateTime
Public propertyIsEmpty
true if there is nothing in this record false if this record contains a valid appointment
Public propertyPriorityARGB
Public propertyServiceNumber
Visible sequential workorder number of workorder if this appointment is a scheduled workorder user
Public propertyShowPriorityFlag
Public propertySourceObjectID
The ID of the schedulemarker or workorderitemscheduleduser object
Public propertySourceObjectType
Type of appointment either ScheduleMarker or WorkorderItemScheduledUser
Public propertyStartDateTime
Public propertySubject
Description of appointment, either a schedulemarker description or a summary of the workorder formatted according to the workorder
Public propertyWorkorderID
ID of workorder if this appointment is a scheduled workorder user
Public propertyWorkorderItemID
ID of workorder item if this appointment is a scheduled workorder user

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