The AyaBizUtils type exposes the following members.


Public methodAyaBizUtils
Initializes a new instance of the AyaBizUtils class


Public methodStatic memberCanRead
Check current logged in user's right to read the object type specified
Public methodStatic memberCanWrite
Check current logged in user's right to read and write the object type specified
Public methodStatic memberCanWriteAndDelete
Check current logged in user's right to read, write and delete the object type specified
Public methodStatic memberFileSizeDisplay
Convert byte count to largest whole unit of measurement in human readable format (i.e. x MB, x KB, x GB, x TB, x PB, x EB etc etc up to Geopbytes)
Public methodStatic memberGetBizObjectID
Find the value of the property "ID" in the biz object through reflection.
Public methodStatic memberGetBizObjectName(String, Guid)
Used for combo box initialization and for label intialization in grid columns that contain a combo but are not in edit mode
Public methodStatic memberGetBizObjectName(String, String)
Convenience overload
Public methodStatic memberGetBizObjectStaticPropertyValue
Return the static property value in a biz object using reflection
Public methodStatic memberInitialize
Initialization and pre-flight check of the AyaNova DB connection
Public methodStatic memberLogin
Login to database. This replaces the direct call to BusinessPrincipal.Login which has been deprecated to allow for consolidated connnection settings. This is a breaking change for v3.x api users
Public methodStatic memberRight(String)
Check current thread user's rights to object specified by RootObjectType string
Public methodStatic memberRight(RootObjectTypes)
Check current thread user's rights to Root object type specified


Public propertyStatic memberAllowAutomaticMRUOnUpdate
Set to false to prevent objects being added to the MRU Most recently used list when an object is updated This property is used by AyaNovaQBI, AyaNovaPTI and AyaImport which all need to import large volumes of objects in one go and adding to MRU would slow down the import unnecessarily
Public propertyStatic memberAyaNovaConnectionSetting
This is the connection setting used by the AyaNova session. If it is not set explicitly (default behaviour) it will retrieve the connection settings from the config.txt file residing in the same folder as this assembly. A caller can set this explicitly in order to avoid the use of the config.txt file (handy in situations where more than one database needs to be logged into separately) If a caller sets this property explicitly note that the session is logged out automatically
Public propertyStatic memberGlobalSettings
Active session Global settings object API users - To ensure you are using the most up to date global settings object use this one instead of retrieving your own Global
Public propertyStatic memberLite
True if AyaNova is running in Lite mode
Public propertyStatic memberLocaleText
Cached LocalizedTextTable for current user. API users should use this rather than instantiating a LocalizedTextTable directly for performance reasons
Public propertyStatic memberMRU
Current thread user's most recently used AyaNova object list
Public propertyStatic memberOverrideTimeZone
Check if time zone has been overridden for current thread user
Public propertyStatic memberREGTO
Name of AyaNova licensee
Public propertyStatic memberTimeZoneOffset
Actual offset from GMT / UTC if time zone has been overridden
Public propertyStatic memberTrial
True if the current AyaNova license is a trial version

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