The AyaFile type exposes the following members.


Public methodStatic memberDeleteAllEmbeddedImagesInWikiPage
Delete all files that are embedded images in wiki page
Public methodStatic memberDeleteItem
Delete AyaFile
Public methodEquals (Overrides Object..::..Equals(Object).)
Public methodStatic memberGetAndWriteFileToDisk
Same as WriteFileToDisk but fetches AyaFile first returns the full path and name it was actually saved to
Public methodGetContent
Returns content of AyaFile as a MemoryStream
Public methodStatic memberGetIDFromName
Retrieve internal ID from name.
Public methodStatic memberGetItem
Fetch existing AyaFile
Public methodStatic memberNewItem
Create new AyaFile
Public methodSetContent(array<Byte>[]()[][])
Byte array set content
Public methodSetContent(Stream)
Set the content from a Stream Must be less bytes than limit set in MaxFileSizeMB or 50mb (hard coded limit) whichever is smaller
Public methodToString
Public methodWriteToDisk
Write file to disk


Public propertyStatic memberCanRead
User can read AyaFiles?
Public propertyStatic memberCanWrite
User can write AyaFiles? (anything above read only is considered full rights to edit, upload and delete files)
Public propertyCreated
Get created date
Public propertyCreator
Get user record ID of person who created this record
Public propertyFileSize
Size of file in bytes (Note: *file* size, not the amount of bytes actually stored in the database which is compressed)
Public propertyFileSizeStored
Size of stored file in bytes (Note: *file* size stored in database after compression)
Public propertyFileType
AyaNova file type
Public propertyID
Internal Unique GUID value of AyaFile record in database
Public propertyIsDirty
(Overrides BusinessBaseIsDirty()()()().)
Public propertyIsValid
(Overrides BusinessBaseIsValid()()()().)
Public propertyModified
Get modified date
Public propertyModifier
Get user ID of person who modified this record
Public propertyName
File name displayed on wiki page and potentially in pick lists combo boxes This is a required field 1-255 Unicode characters and must be a legal file name
Public propertyRootObjectID
AyaNova object ID
Public propertyRootObjectType
AyaNova object type

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