Used to fetch a read only list of AyaFileList..::..AyaFileListInfo objects representing AyaFile files stored inside the database. Used for Wiki feature and for general file management by admin

The AyaFileList..::..AyaFileListInfo type exposes the following members.


Public methodEquals


Public propertyFileSizeBytes
File size in bytes (actual file size when uncompressed, stored in DB compressed where possible)
Public propertyFileType
The AyaFileType of this file
Public propertyLT_AyaFile_Label_FileSize
File size converted to largest whole display unit and unit type appended (i.e. 10MB) see FileSizeDisplay(Decimal) for more.
Public propertyLT_AyaFile_Label_FileSizeStored
Actual size as stored in Database in human readable format (FileSizeDisplay(Decimal))
Public propertyLT_AyaFile_Label_Source
Source of the file (which AyaNova object it's associated with)
Public propertyLT_Common_Label_Created
DateTime the record was created
Public propertyLT_Common_Label_Creator
Creator of record
Public propertyLT_Common_Label_Modified
Date and time this record was last modified
Public propertyLT_Common_Label_Modifier
User who last modified this record
Public propertyLT_O_AyaFile
File name an internal ID
Public propertyRootObjectID
Files associated object ID
Public propertyRootObjectType
Files associated object type

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