The Client type exposes the following members.


Public methodStatic memberDeleteItem
Delete Client
Public methodDuplicate
Generates a duplicate of this item and returns it.
Public methodEquals
Public methodStatic memberExists
Check for the existance of a Client in the database by ID OR by Name
Public methodStatic memberGetIDFromAccountNumber
Retrieve internal ID from AccountNumber.
Public methodStatic memberGetItem
Fetch existing Client
Public methodStatic memberGetItemNoMRU
Fetch client internally without tracking in MRU list
Public methodGetPrimaryContactDefaultContactInfo
Get all phone numbers and email address in one string
Public methodStatic memberIDFromName
Get the ID of a client from it's name
Public methodStatic memberNewItem
Create new Client
Public methodPopulateBothAddresses
If one of the two addresses is empty copy the contents from the filled in one to the empty one This method is used during import from QBI and PTI
Public methodToString


Public propertyAccountNumber
Optional identifier for display and reporting purposes
Public propertyActive
Get /set active status of client If active = true then client is selectable for workorders etc If active = false then client in not selectable, but history can be viewed
Public propertyBillHeadOffice
Default is false
Public propertyCanDuplicate
Indicates if item can be duplicated or not Item can be duplicated if the current user has write rights to this item and this item is not dirty or new and IsValid
Public propertyCanWiki
Flag - indicates if current user can open the wiki page for this object See ShowWikiLink(RootObjectTypes, Guid) method for details This is cached for the lifetime of this object
Public propertyClientGroupID
Public propertyContact
Set/get client Contact person's name
Public propertyContactNotes
Contact Notes / Other contacts
Public propertyContractExpires
Date contract expires and no longer applies or null if contract does not expire ever
Public propertyContractID
Contract that applies to this object or Guid.Empty if no contract
Public propertyContractInEffect
If there is a contract and it has not expired returns true otherwise false
Public propertyContractName
Retrieves the name of the contract for this client or an empty string if there is no contract set
Public propertyCreated
Get created date
Public propertyCreator
Get user record ID of person who created this record
Public propertyCustom0
Public propertyCustom1
Public propertyCustom2
Public propertyCustom3
Public propertyCustom4
Public propertyCustom5
Public propertyCustom6
Public propertyCustom7
Public propertyCustom8
Public propertyCustom9
Public propertyDefaultServiceTemplateID
If Service created from Client screen itself, it defaults to a specific workorder template Note this doesn't apply if you make a workorder "out of the blue" as it doesn't know who you are going to select until after the template is selected.
Public propertyDispatchZoneID
Public propertyDocs
Collection of AssignedDoc objects tied to this Client object
Public propertyEmail
Set/get client Email
Public propertyGoToAddress
Get service address for this client
Public propertyHeadOfficeID
Public propertyID
Get internal id number Read only property because it's set internally, not externally
Public propertyIsDirty
(Overrides BusinessBaseIsDirty()()()().)
Public propertyIsValid
(Overrides BusinessBaseIsValid()()()().)
Public propertyMailToAddress
Get mailing address object for this client Returns GoToAddress object if MailToAddress is empty
Public propertyModified
Get modified date
Public propertyModifier
Get user ID of person who modified this record
Public propertyName
Set/get client name
Public propertyNotes
General notes about client
Public propertyPhone1
Set/get client Phone1
Public propertyPhone2
Set/get client Phone2
Public propertyPhone3
Set/get client Phone3
Public propertyPhone4
Set/get client Phone4
Public propertyPhone5
Set/get client Phone5
Public propertyPopUpNotes
popup notes - need a setting to indicate whether to popup only on new workorder, or popup whenever a change too Corresponds to clients.alert in AyaNova v1
Public propertyRegionID
Region ID
Public propertySendNotifications
If true then will receive any notifications set up for this client's region
Public propertyTechNotes
Corresponds to clients.technotes in AyaNova v1 These are notes to display on dispatch reports for tech etc
Public propertyUsesBanking
If true then banked service is tracked for this object (hours / money / incidents)
Public propertyWebAddress
web address of client if applicable can be null ties into hyerlink to web browser

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