The ClientList type exposes the following members.


Protected methodClientList
Initializes a new instance of the ClientList class


Public methodContains
Check if item in collection
Public methodStatic memberGetListByCriteria
Takes an xml column list and where criteria and returns a list filtered and sorted accordingly
Public methodStatic memberGetListForSingleItem
Takes a single ID and returns a "list" of one object
Public methodStatic memberGetListFromIDList
Get list by items indicated in IDList


Public propertyStatic memberBaseObjectType
Base object that this list is reporting on used by shared UI editor to instantiate new objects when user selects new in UI elements that display this list (I.E. when user clicks on new in a read only list grid, this is the object type created)
Public propertyStatic memberDetailedReportKey
Returns the Detailed report key which is used to determine which reports and objects will be used for detailed reports If empty string then indicates there is no detailed report object or reports
Public propertyStatic memberIDField
Field that contains the ID of the objects that are the basis of this list. Used for compiling an ID list for reporting from user selections in a grid.
Public propertyStatic memberIDFieldDetailed
Same as IDField but for detailed reports
Public propertyItem[([( Guid])])
Returns display text that matches passed in itemid value
Public propertyItem[([( Int32])])
Get item by index
Public propertyStatic memberListRecordType
The Type of the struct used to store list records Used to fetch the custom display attributes of the fields contained within the record to modify the grid display accordingly DisplayAttribute
Public propertyLocaleKey
Locale key so that generic list editor UI code knows what title to give the list in a grid
Public propertyStatic memberReportKey
Returns the report key which is a property of reports used to link all reports that can be used with a particular data source.

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