The ClientListDetailed type exposes the following members.


Protected methodClientListDetailed
Initializes a new instance of the ClientListDetailed class


Public methodContains
Check if item in collection
Public methodStatic memberGetListByCriteria
Takes an xml column list and where criteria and returns a list filtered and sorted accordingly
Public methodStatic memberGetListForSingleItem
Takes a single ID and returns a "list" of one object
Public methodStatic memberGetListFromIDList
Get list by items indicated in IDList


Public propertyStatic memberIDField
Field that contains the ID of the objects that are the basis of this list. Used for compiling an ID list for reporting from user selections in a grid.
Public propertyStatic memberIDFieldDetailed
Same as IDField but for detailed reports
Public propertyItem[([( Guid])])
Returns display text that matches passed in itemid value
Public propertyItem[([( Int32])])
Get item by index
Public propertyStatic memberReportKey
Returns the report key which is a property of reports used to link all reports that can be used with a particular data source.

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