The AyaFile type exposes the following members.


Public methodStatic memberDeleteAllEmbeddedImagesInWikiPage
Delete all files that are embedded images in wiki page
Public methodStatic memberDeleteItem
Delete AyaFile
Public methodEquals (Overrides Object..::..Equals(Object).)
Public methodStatic memberGetAndWriteFileToDisk
Same as WriteFileToDisk but fetches AyaFile first returns the full path and name it was actually saved to
Public methodGetContent
Returns content of AyaFile as a MemoryStream
Public methodStatic memberGetIDFromName
Retrieve internal ID from name.
Public methodStatic memberGetItem
Fetch existing AyaFile
Public methodStatic memberNewItem
Create new AyaFile
Public methodSetContent(array<Byte>[]()[][])
Byte array set content
Public methodSetContent(Stream)
Set the content from a Stream Must be less bytes than limit set in MaxFileSizeMB or 50mb (hard coded limit) whichever is smaller
Public methodToString
Public methodWriteToDisk
Write file to disk

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