The Client type exposes the following members.


Public methodStatic memberDeleteItem
Delete Client
Public methodDuplicate
Generates a duplicate of this item and returns it.
Public methodEquals
Public methodStatic memberExists
Check for the existance of a Client in the database by ID OR by Name
Public methodStatic memberGetIDFromAccountNumber
Retrieve internal ID from AccountNumber.
Public methodStatic memberGetItem
Fetch existing Client
Public methodStatic memberGetItemNoMRU
Fetch client internally without tracking in MRU list
Public methodGetPrimaryContactDefaultContactInfo
Get all phone numbers and email address in one string
Public methodStatic memberIDFromName
Get the ID of a client from it's name
Public methodStatic memberNewItem
Create new Client
Public methodPopulateBothAddresses
If one of the two addresses is empty copy the contents from the filled in one to the empty one This method is used during import from QBI and PTI
Public methodToString

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