Public classAddress
Address object - stores physical location or postal address This object used by Client, Vendor, HeadOffice and Vendor objects
Public classAppointmentList
A list of appointments for scheduleable users in AyaNova This list is what populates the schedule calendar (Read only collection )
Public classAssignedDoc
AssignedDoc class This is the original method of attaching documents to various objects in AyaNova and is used to link a file location on disk to a business object. If you want to actually store the document itself in the AyaNova database (making it accessible from WBI and location independant) you should use the WikiPage object instead to store documents in the database.
Public classAssignedDocs
Collection of AssignedDoc items
Public classAyaBizUtils
Utility functions and configuration connection data
Public classAyaFile
AyaFile object Storage, retrieval and deletion of files inside the AyaNova database. Automatic compression / decompression. NOTE: There is a 50MB source file size limit
Public classAyaFileList
Used to fetch a read only list of AyaFileList..::..AyaFileListInfo objects representing AyaFile files stored inside the database. Used for Wiki feature and for general file management by admin
Public classAyaFileStats
Retrieves stats about files stored in the AyaNova database for diagnosis and administrative purposes
Public classAySignature
AyaNova captures and stores signatures as vector data, this class is used to parse the captured signature data for various admin info stored with it as well as generate an image for use in reporting or displaying in UI.
Public classClient
AyaNova client object representing a customer.
Public classClientGroup
Client group - for grouping clients for filtering, sorting and reporting purposes
Public classClientGroups
Editable root collection of ClientGroup objects
Public classClientList
Read only list of ClientList..::..ClientListInfo objects representing Client objects.
Public classClientListDetailed
Read only detailed list of ClientListDetailed..::..ClientListDetailedInfo objects representing clients used for reporting, not UI
Public classClientNote
Note for a Client object stored in the Client's ClientNotes collection
Public classClientNotes
Collection of ClientNote objects attached to a Client
Public classClientNotesReportList
Read only list of ClientNotesReportList..::..ClientNotesReportListInfo objects representing ClientNotes used for reporting (printing) client notes
Public classClientNoteType
i.e phone, fax, followup etc
Public classClientNoteTypes
Editable Root collection of ClientNoteType objects
Public classClientPickList
Lightweight list of ClientPickList..::..ClientPickListInfo objects used for quickly fetching a list of clients. Used for user selection and internal API useage by other business objects. NOTE: this is used mostly internally so the default GetList() method is not regionalized
Public classClientPopUpNotesFetcher
Lightweight method for quickly fetching a Client object's PopupNotes if present Used by UI when opening workorders
Public classClientServiceRequest
Contains request for service entered by the Client directly via WBI or other means
Public classClientServiceRequestList
Public classContactTitle
Contact's title, i.e. "Mr.", "Mrs.", "Doctor", "Professor" etc
Public classContract
Public classContractList
Lightweight list of ContractList..::..ContractListInfo objects representing Contract objects
Public classContractRate
Rate applicable to Contract only
Public classContractRates
Editable child collection of ContractRate objects
Public classDBUtil
Various DB helpers to save duplication in individual business objects
Public classDispatchZone
Dispatch zones, used to group scheduleable users for filtering in Schedule calendar as well as filtering and sorting in grids and reporting purposes
Public classDispatchZonePickList
Lightweight list of DispatchZonePickList..::..DispatchZonePickListInfo objects representing DispatchZone objects Includes inactive so that they can be shown on old records in a consistent format
Public classDispatchZones
Editable root collection of DispatchZone objects
Public classFollowUpPickList
Lightweight list of FollowUpPickList..::..FollowUpPickListInfo objects representing ScheduleMarker objects that are linked to a root object.
Public classGenericNVList
Generic name / value list
Public classGlobal
Global settings - stores AyaNova wide defaults and preferences API users: use the GlobalSettings property to ensure you are working with the most current GlobalSettings rather than retrieving this object directly.
Public classGridNameValueCellItem
A simple lightweight name/value item that can be inserted into a grid
Public classGridRelativeTimeCellItem
A lightweight cell item that is used to display relative time and is identified as such so it can be sorted by it's base field
Public classHeadOffice
Head office object representing a parent entity grouping one or more Client objects
Public classHeadOfficeList
Lightweight read only list of HeadOfficeList..::..HeadOfficeListInfo objects representing HeadOffice objects
Public classHeadOfficeListDetailed
Read only detailed list of HeadOfficeListDetailed..::..HeadOfficeListDetailedInfo objects representing HeadOffices used for reporting, not UI
Public classIntegration
Integration object This object is used for assisting with integrating 3rd party and AyaNova utility programs with AyaNova It's primary function is to provide an API standard method for storing and retrieving external program data in the AyaNova database for the purposes of integration with AyaNova It also contains a child collection for mapping external data to AyaNova objects The APPID GUID value must be set to uniquely identify the external application. The APPVERSION field is used by the implementer for version control of the data they are storing in AyaNova.
Public classIntegrationLog
AyaNova IntegrationLog used to insert integration events in the database. Automatically removes all log entries more than 45 days old
Public classIntegrationMap
Map to tie an integration application's data to AyaNova object records For example: In QuickBooks integration for the optional QBI product this object maps between QuickBooks objects and their corresponding AyaNova object.
Public classIntegrationMaps
Editable child collection of IntegrationMap objects
Public classLoanItem
LoanItem representing an item that will be loaned or rented to a client and tracked in the WorkorderItemLoan object
Public classLoanItemList
Read only list of LoanItemList..::..LoanItemListInfo objects representing LoanItem objects for reporting
Public classLoanItemPickList
Lightweight read only list of LoanItemPickList..::..LoanItemPickListInfo objects representing LoanItem objects for selectin in UI
Public classLocaleList
Lightweight read only list of LocaleList..::..LocaleListInfo objects representing all the locale (languages) defined in AyaNova
Public classLocalizedText
Most user interface element text displayed to the user will be held here. This is the editable root object used to modify a particular localized text entry This is for editing not read only display in a user interface, for that see LocalizedTextTable instead.
Public classLocalizedTexts
Collection of localized text editable root objects This is for editing, not read only display in a user interface, for that see LocalizedTextTable instead.
Public classLocalizedTexts..::..NewLocale
Create a new locale by duplicating an existing one
Public classLocalizedTextTable
Holds the localized text for use by user interface This is the class you want to use if you want to display localized text in your code and this is where you want to access it from: LocaleText
Public classMemo
AyaNova Memo between AyaNova users. Used to create *new* Memo message only
Public classMemoFetcher
Lightweight read only version of Memo object for display only.
Public classMemoList
Lightweight read only list of MemoList..::..MemoListInfo objects representing Memo object
Public classNameFetcher
Used to quickly fetch a single name record from the db
Public classNotifyDeliveryLogList
Lightweight read only list of NotifyDeliveryLogList..::..NotifyDeliveryLogListInfo objects representing log entries regarding notification deliveries
Public classObjectRegionIDFetcher
Quickly fetch any Regionalized object's regionid Used primarily for search feature restrict results to region
Public classPart
Part object representing a part used in service
Public classPartAssemblies
Editable root collection of PartAssembly objects
Public classPartAssembly
Assembly is an object that has a name and id that parts can be assigned to to indicate this is an assembly of those parts. It itself does not have a price as it is for group parts together for assemblies (i.e parts of a bike) as opposed to PartCategory which is to group similar parts (i.e all bikes or all sporting equipment)
Public classPartByWarehouseInventories
Editable root collection of PartByWarehouseInventory objects
Public classPartByWarehouseInventory
This identifies the physical parts in stock
Public classPartByWarehouseInventoryValuesFetcher
Used to quickly fetch a various inventory related values for a particular part / warehouse combination. WARNING to developer API users: There are potential concurrency issues using this value in a multi-user scenario. This value is intended for read only purposes when displaying in a user interface. The actual value stored in the database is subject to change by other users updating inventory *after* this value is retrieved so it should not be used in any calculations to affect inventory in the database, those should be done through the inventory updating methods provided in other classes which are done within a database transaction with an IsolationLevel of Serializeable.
Public classPartCategories
Editable root collection of PartCategory objects
Public classPartCategory
This is a selectable category that a Part can be a part of. Only one category per part For reporting and displaying purposes. A way of grouping
Public classPartHasSerialNumbers
Checks to see if a part has serial numbers used internally to see if it's valid to set a part to not track serial numbers if it was previously set that way
Public classPartInventoryAdjustment
Manual inventory adjustment
Public classPartInventoryAdjustmentDetailedReportData
List of detailed adjustment items objects used in detailed report
Public classPartInventoryAdjustmentItem
PartInventoryAdjustmentItem item
Public classPartInventoryAdjustmentItems
Collection of PartInventoryAdjustmentItem objects used by the PartInventoryAdjustment object
Public classPartInventoryAdjustmentList
Read only list of PartInventoryAdjustmentList..::..PartInventoryAdjustmentListInfo objects used in grid lists and summary report
Public classPartInventoryAdjustmentListDetailed
Read only list of PartInventoryAdjustmentListDetailed..::..PartInventoryAdjustmentListDetailedInfo objects used in grid lists detailed reports
Public classPartInventoryList
Similar to PartWarehouseInventoryList but for retrieving inventory and serials of a single part specified by part id. Used by AyaNova WBI Only in PartInventoryView page
Public classPartInventoryValuesFetcher
Used to quickly fetch a various inventory related values for a particular part over all warehouses combined
Public classPartList
Read only list of PartList..::..PartListInfo objects representing Part objects used by UI and summary report
Public classPartPickList
Lightweight read only list of PartPickList..::..PartPickListInfo objects used for user selection in UI as well as API purposes internally
Public classPartRestockRequiredByVendorList
Read only list of PartRestockRequiredByVendorList..::..PartRestockRequiredByVendorListInfo objects representing Parts that are below their restock level by vendor. Used in purchase order entry screen.
Public classPartSerial
Stores a Part serial number record, not accessed directly but rather from it's parent collection PartSerials
Public classPartSerialPickList
Lightweight read only list of PartSerialPickList..::..PartSerialPickListInfo objects
Public classPartSerials
Part serial number collection of PartSerial objects used by PartInventoryAdjustmentItem and PurchaseOrderReceiptItem
Public classPartWarehouse
PartWarehouse class is used to group parts for inventory purposes. Often service company's will have more than one warehouse or consider a service van as a warehouse AyaNova allows any number of warehouses for separate inventory tracking.
Public classPartWarehouseInventoryList
Read only list of PartWarehouseInventoryList..::..PartWarehouseInventoryListInfo objects representing the inventory status of all parts. Used for reporting and grid listing.
Public classPartWarehousePickList
Lightweight read only list of PartWarehousePickList..::..PartWarehousePickListInfo objects representing PartWarehouse objects for selection in UI and API internal usage by other business objects
Public classPartWarehouses
Editable Root collection of PartWarehouse objects
Public classPartWorkorderItemRequestByVendorList
Read only collection of PartWorkorderItemRequestByVendorList..::..PartWorkorderItemRequestByVendorListInfo objects representing parts appearing on WorkorderItemPartRequests for specified vendor Used in purchase order entry screen.
Public classPriorities
Editable root collection of Priority objects
Public classPriority
Priority selectable for WorkorderItem objects. Used for filtering, sorting and reporting.
Public classPriorityPickList
Lightweight read only list of PriorityPickList..::..PriorityPickListInfo objects representing Priority objects for user selection and internal API use by other business objects
Public classProject
Project object, used to group work orders for sorting, filtering and reporting purposes
Public classProjectList
Lightweight read only list of ProjectList..::..ProjectListInfo objects representing Project objects. For user selection and internal use by API business objects.
Public classPurchaseOrder
Purchase order object representing an order for parts
Public classPurchaseOrderDetailedReportData
Read only list of detailed purchase order data used for reporting
Public classPurchaseOrderItem
Indivdual item (part) that is selected to be in the PO
Public classPurchaseOrderItems
Editable child collection of PurchaseOrderItem objects
Public classPurchaseOrderList
Read only list of PurchaseOrderList..::..PurchaseOrderListInfo objects representing PurchaseOrder objects. Used for reporting and grid lists.
Public classPurchaseOrderListDetailed
Read only list of PurchaseOrderListDetailed..::..PurchaseOrderListDetailedInfo objects used for reporting.
Public classPurchaseOrderListReceivableForVendor
Read only list of PurchaseOrderListReceivableForVendor..::..PurchaseOrderListReceivableForVendorInfo objects representing PurchaseOrder objects ready to be received for a particular vendor
Public classPurchaseOrderReceipt
This is a write once only object. Once saved initially it can never be edited again as it affects many other objects and must follow standard business practices for inventory control. Corrections must be made through an inventory adjustment as per standard practices.
Public classPurchaseOrderReceiptDetailedReportData
Detailed read only data used for reporting purposes.
Public classPurchaseOrderReceiptItem
Item received on PurchaseOrderReceipt
Public classPurchaseOrderReceiptItems
Editable child collection of PurchaseOrderReceiptItem objects
Public classPurchaseOrderReceiptList
Read only list of PurchaseOrderReceiptList..::..PurchaseOrderReceiptListInfo objects representing PurchaseOrderReceipt objects. Used for reporting.
Public classPurchaseOrderReceiptListDetailed
Read only list of PurchaseOrderReceiptListDetailed..::..PurchaseOrderReceiptListDetailedInfo objects representing detailed info about PurchaseOrderReceipt objects. Used for reporting purposes.
Public classRate
Service / Travel rates to bill to client
Public classRatePickList
Lightweight read only list of RatePickList..::..RatePickListInfo objects representing Rate objects. For user selection and internal use by other business objects.
Public classRates
Editable root collection of Rate objects
Public classRateUnitChargeDescription
Type of rate per unit i.e per hour, per day, per gram, per KM, per nautical mile etc
Public classRateUnitChargeDescriptions
A collection of RateUnitChargeDescription objects
Public classRegion
Regions are used in AyaNova to compartmentalize objects and keep them separate. For example a Client can be set to a specific region in which case only users also set to that Region will be able to see and use that Client. In addition some default settings are applied from a regional level between Global and User settings.
Public classRegionList
Read only list of RegionList..::..RegionListInfo objects representing Region objects. Used for grids and reporting.
Public classRegionWoStatusNotifyItem
Workorder status change notification to a Region object's Client objects work orders
Public classRegionWoStatusNotifyItems
Editable child collection of RegionWoStatusNotifyItem objects assigned to Region
Public classRelativeTimeFormatter
Used to turn a date and time object into a string representation which is localized and relative to current date/time
Public classReportDataSet
Used internally as "go-between" data source for reporting in cases where reports are based off complex business objects that contain hiearchical linked data sources. Also used to support localized column names and filter out irrelevant and duplicate fields. API users: treat this as a traditional DataSet object which it's derived from.
Public classReportList
Read only list of ReportList..::..ReportListInfo objects representing Report objects. Used for grid lists and reporting (ironically enough).
Public classReportPickList
Lightweight read only list of ReportPickList..::..ReportPickListInfo objects representing Report objects. Used for choosing reports in UI
Public classScheduleableUserGroup
ScheduleableUserGroup - a preselected group of individual scheduleable users. Used for dispatching and display purposes
Public classScheduleableUserGroupPickList
Lightweight read only list of ScheduleableUserGroupPickList..::..ScheduleableUserGroupPickListInfo objects representing ScheduleableUserGroup objects. Used for UI selection and internal processing by business objects.
Public classScheduleableUserGroupUser
Individual ScheduleableUser assignment to a ScheduleableUser group
Public classScheduleableUserGroupUsers
Editable child collection of ScheduleableUserGroupUser objects
Public classScheduleableUserGroupUsersList
Public classScheduleMarker
A schedulemarker is used to make an entry in the calendar for items that are not workorder item scheduled users. Users make schedule markers to indicate time off, holidays or to remind them to follow up on root objects using the follow up feature etc.
Public classSearchResultList
Read only collection of SearchResultList..::..SearchResultListInfo objects
Public classSecurityGroup
Security group
Public classSecurityGroupList
Read only list of SecurityGroupList..::..SecurityGroupListInfo objects representing SecurityGroup objects. Used for reporting and UI Grid display.
Public classServiceBank
Service bank This is a write only object and can not be deleted or modified once saved to protect the integrity of the service bank balances. Adjustments may be made by entering them in as another entry not by changing existing data. This follows standard accounting practices to ensure balance integrity
Public classServiceBankCheckAlreadyBanked
Used internally to quickly check if a bank entry has already been made for the source object type and id and retrieve the bank ID if it is. This is generally used to avoid concurrency issues (another user banks an object moments before the current user does etc)
Public classServiceBankCurrentBalanceFetcher
Used to quickly fetch current service bank balance for object indicated
Public classServiceBankList
Read only list of ServiceBankList..::..ServiceBankListInfo objects representing ServiceBank object entries. Used for reporting and grid display in UI.
Public classTask
Task object
Public classTaskGroup
TaskGroup - a preselected group of individual tasks that can be used to quickly select a slew of tasks with one selection
Public classTaskGroupTask
Individual Task assignment to a TaskGroup
Public classTaskGroupTasks
Editable child collectin of TaskGroupTask objects
Public classTaskPickList
Lightweight read only list of TaskPickList..::..TaskPickListInfo objects representing Task objects. Used for selection in UI and by API business objects internally.
Public classTasks
Collection of Task objects
Public classTaxCode
Used in PO's, invoices, parts, services to indicate an item is taxable
Public classTaxCodeList
Lightweight read only list of TaxCode objects for selection in UI
Public classTaxCodes
Editable root collection of TaxCode objects
Public classTemplatePickList
Lightweight read only list of TemplatePickList..::..TemplatePickListInfo objects representing Work order Templates for building pick lists users can select from in AyaNova UI
Public classTemplatePreventiveMaintenanceList
Read only list of TemplatePreventiveMaintenanceList..::..TemplatePreventiveMaintenanceListInfo objects representing preventive maintenance workorder templates. Used for grid display and reporting.
Public classTemplateQuoteList
Read only list of TemplateQuoteList..::..TemplateQuoteListInfo objects representing quote templates. Used in UI grids and reporting.
Public classTemplateServiceList
Read only list of TemplateServiceList..::..TemplateServiceListInfo objects representing Service workorder templates. Used in UI grids and reporting.
Public classTemplateServiceResolver
Resolves which workorder service template is the default. Checks for client template, user template and global template returns most responsible template in order of client, user, global or guid empty if none found
Public classTypeAndID
Single object that uniquely identifies any distinct AyaNova business object. Used in many areas of AyaNova at the busines object and UI levels.
Public classUnit
Unit - an item attributed to a specific client that is to be repaired or serviced
Public classUnitList
Read only list of UnitList..::..UnitListInfo objects representing Unit objects. Used for UI grids and summary reports and internally in API by other business objects.
Public classUnitMeterReading
Unit meter reading entry
Public classUnitMeterReadingList
Read only list of UnitMeterReadingList..::..UnitMeterReadingListInfo objects representing UnitMeterReading object. Used in UI and reporting.
Public classUnitModel
Represents a Model of a Unit object. Used for categorization, filtering and sorting in grids, reporting and warranty tracking.
Public classUnitModelCategories
Editable root collection of UnitModelCategory objects. Used to group unit models into categories for reporting and filtering purposes.
Public classUnitModelCategory
Category which a UnitModel can be tagged with for filtering, sorting and reporting purposes
Public classUnitModelList
Read only list of UnitModelList..::..UnitModelListInfo objects representing UnitModel objects. Used in UI for grids and for reporting purposes.
Public classUnitModelPickList
Lightweight read only list of UnitModelPickList..::..UnitModelPickListInfo objects representing UnitModel objects. Used for selection in UI and internally by other business objects.
Public classUnitNameFetcher
Used to quickly fetch a single saved Unit's name from the database in the currently selected UnitNameFormat style
Public classUnitOfMeasure
Displays on reports and Parts screen selection. (e.g. each, per 100, per box, MBF, etc) to identify units of measure for the part
Public classUnitOfMeasures
Editable root collection of UnitOfMeasure objects
Public classUnitPickList
Lightweight read only list of UnitPickList..::..UnitPickListInfo objects representing Unit objects. Used for selection in UI and by other business objects internally.
Public classUnitServiceType
Customizable tag to attribute to the type of service performed on a Unit used by service, quote and PM Workorders
Public classUnitServiceTypes
Editable root collection of UnitServiceType objects
Public classUser
User - anyone with access to AyaNova
Public classUserCertification
Certificate or training a schedulable user has achieved
Public classUserCertificationAssigned
A UserCertification assigned to a specific User
Public classUserCertificationAssignments
Editable child collection of UserCertificationAssigned objects
Public classUserCertifications
Editable root collection of UserCertification objects
Public classUserList
Read only list of UserList..::..UserListInfo objects representing User objects. Used in UI for grids and reporting.
Public classUserListScheduleable
Lightweight read only list of UserListScheduleable..::..UserListScheduleableInfo objects representing *Scheduleable* users only. Used in UI picklists and extensively throughout the API internally by other business objects.
Public classUserMRU
Most recently used object list When various objects are opened an entry is made in the user's MRU list so that they can quickly open an item they were recently working on by selecting it in the AyaNova user interface. The tracking of what was opened is done at the business object level which is why each object has several overrides to optionally track MRU or not when an item is opened because code opens objects internally as often as the user initiates from the UI.
Public classUserMRUs
Editable root collection of UserMRU objects
Public classUserPickList
Lightweight read only list of UserPickList..::..UserPickListInfo objects representing *all* User objects. Used in UI for picking users where not limited to a particular type and extensively by business objects internally.
Public classUserSkill
List of skills this schedulable user has. Than when determining who to schedule for a specific task or workorder where this skill is required, person displatching can bring up all techs with this skill
Public classUserSkillAssigned
UserSkill assignement to User
Public classUserSkillAssignments
Editable child collection of UserSkillAssigned objects assigned to User
Public classUserSkills
User skills collection of UserSkill objects attached to User object
Public classVendor
Supplier of various goods and services depending on type selected.
Public classVendorList
Read only collection of VendorList..::..VendorListInfo objects representing Vendor objects. Used in UI in grids and in summary reports.
Public classVendorListDetailed
Read only detailed list of VendorListDetailed..::..VendorListDetailedInfo objects representing Vendor objects. Used in detailed reports.
Public classVendorPickList
Lightweight read only list of VendorPickList..::..VendorPickListInfo objects representing Vendor objects. Used in UI selection lists and by other business objects internally
Public classWikiPage
WikiPage object
Public classWorkorder
Workorder object - the heart of AyaNova. This is the parent object of all forms of workorders including quotes, pm, service and template forms.
Public classWorkorderCategories
Editable root collection of WorkorderCategory objects
Public classWorkorderCategory
Workorder categories are used to “group” workorders into your defined categories. You can then use the category for printing aggregate totals on management reports. It can also be useful for many other purposes and can be used in any way you choose or not at all.
Public classWorkorderDescriptionFetcher
Used to quickly fetch descriptive information for identifying a service workorder to user during notification Processing
Public classWorkorderIDFetcher
Used to quickly fetch a workorder id from the database give an descendant object id Returns Guid.empty on fail
Public classWorkorderInternalIDFetcher
Used to get the internal ID number of a workorder based on it's service number, quote number or preventive maintenance number. Also useful for checking for the existance of a workorder
Public classWorkorderItem
"Body" of workorder (all non header information) Stored in WorkorderItems collection of Workorder object
Public classWorkorderItemLabor
Labor object for WorkorderItem object's WorkorderItemLabors collection
Public classWorkorderItemLabors
Editable Grandchild collection of WorkorderItemLabor objects residing in parent WorkorderItem object
Public classWorkorderItemLoan
Loaned equipment object for WorkorderItem object's WorkorderItemLabors collection
Public classWorkorderItemLoans
Editable Grandchild collection of WorkorderItemLoan objects residing in parent WorkorderItem object
Public classWorkorderItemMiscExpense
Expense object for WorkorderItem object's WorkorderItemMiscExpenses collection
Public classWorkorderItemMiscExpenses
Editable Grandchild collection of WorkorderItemMiscExpense objects residing in parent WorkorderItem object
Public classWorkorderItemOutsideService
Contains the record of Units sent out for service by a 3rd party.
Public classWorkorderItemPart
Part object for WorkorderItem object's WorkorderItemParts collection
Public classWorkorderItemPartRequest
Part request object for WorkorderItem object's WorkorderItemPartRequests collection
Public classWorkorderItemPartRequestList
Read only list of WorkorderItemPartRequestList..::..WorkorderItemPartRequestListInfo objects representing WorkorderItemPartRequest objects. Used in Grid and reporting.
Public classWorkorderItemPartRequests
Editable Grandchild collection of WorkorderItemPartRequest objects residing in parent WorkorderItem object
Public classWorkorderItemParts
Editable Grandchild collection of WorkorderItemPart objects residing in parent WorkorderItem object
Public classWorkorderItems
Editable child collection of WorkorderItem objects residing in parent Workorder object
Public classWorkorderItemScheduledUser
ScheduledUser object for WorkorderItem object's WorkorderItemScheduledUsers collection
Public classWorkorderItemScheduledUserDescriptionFetcher
Used to quickly fetch descriptive information for a workorderitemscheduleduser notification during notification Processing
Public classWorkorderItemScheduledUsers
Editable Grandchild collection of WorkorderItemScheduledUser objects residing in parent WorkorderItem object
Public classWorkorderItemTask
A single task item for a work order
Public classWorkorderItemTasks
Editable Grandchild collection of WorkorderItemTask objects residing in parent WorkorderItem object
Public classWorkorderItemTravel
Travel object for WorkorderItem object's WorkorderItemTravels collection
Public classWorkorderItemTravels
Editable Grandchild collection of WorkorderItemTravel objects residing in parent WorkorderItem object
Public classWorkorderItemType
Customizeable type that can be set on WorkorderItem objects for filtering, sorting and reporting purposes
Public classWorkorderItemTypePickList
Lightweight read only list of WorkorderItemTypePickList..::..WorkorderItemTypePickListInfo objects representing WorkorderItemType objects. Used for selection in UI and internally by business objects.
Public classWorkorderItemTypes
Editable root collection of WorkorderItemType objects
Public classWorkorderPickList
Lightweight read only list of WorkorderPickList..::..WorkorderPickListInfo objects representing Workorder objects. Fetched by client for selection in UI.
Public classWorkorderPMCustomList
Public classWorkorderPMDescriptionFetcher
Used to quickly fetch descriptive information for identifying a quote workorder to user (Used by NameFetcher)
Public classWorkorderPMDetailedReportData
Detailed preventive maintenance info used in report
Public classWorkorderPMItemList
Read only list of WorkorderPMItemList..::..WorkorderPMItemListInfo objects used in grids and summary reports
Public classWorkorderPMLaborList
Read only list of WorkorderPMLaborList..::..WorkorderPMLaborListInfo objects used in grid and summary reports
Public classWorkorderPMList
Read only list of WorkorderPMList..::..WorkorderPMListInfo objects used in grids and summary reports
Public classWorkorderPMPartList
Read only list of WorkorderPMPartList..::..WorkorderPMPartListInfo objects used in grids and summary reports
Public classWorkorderPMScheduledUserList
Read only list of WorkorderPMScheduledUserList..::..WorkorderPMScheduledUserListInfo objects used in grids and summary reports
Public classWorkorderPMTravelList
Read only list of WorkorderPMTravelList..::..WorkorderPMTravelListInfo objects used in grids and summary reports
Public classWorkorderPreventiveMaintenance
Preventive maintenance header component of a Workorder object of WorkorderTypes PreventiveMaintenance A workorder that is used to generate service work orders on a schedule.
Public classWorkorderQuote
Quote header component of a Workorder object of WorkorderTypes Quote
Public classWorkorderQuoteCustomList
Read only list of WorkorderQuoteCustomList..::..WorkorderQuoteCustomListInfo objects used in grids and summary reports
Public classWorkorderQuoteDescriptionFetcher
Used to quickly fetch descriptive information for identifying a quote workorder to user (Used by NameFetcher)
Public classWorkorderQuoteDetailedReportData
Detailed quote info for reports
Public classWorkorderQuoteItemList
Read only list of WorkorderQuoteItemList..::..WorkorderQuoteItemListInfo objects used in grids and summary reports
Public classWorkorderQuoteLaborList
Read only list of WorkorderQuoteLaborList..::..WorkorderQuoteLaborListInfo objects used in grids and summary reports
Public classWorkorderQuoteList
Read only list of WorkorderQuoteList..::..WorkorderQuoteListInfo objects representing quotes and used in grids and summary reports
Public classWorkorderQuotePartList
Read only list of WorkorderQuotePartList objects used in grids and summary reports
Public classWorkorderQuoteScheduledUserList
Read only list of WorkorderQuoteScheduledUserList..::..WorkorderQuoteScheduledUserListInfo objects used in grids and summary reports
Public classWorkorderQuoteTravelList
Read only list of WorkorderQuoteTravelList..::..WorkorderQuoteTravelListInfo objects used in grids and summary reports
Public classWorkorderService
Service header component of a Workorder object of WorkorderTypes Service A workorder that is used to track service and parts provided to a Client
Public classWorkorderServiceBillableList
Read only list of WorkorderServiceBillableList..::..WorkorderServiceBillableListInfo objects representing service work orders that are invoiceable. Used by accounting integration plugins.
Public classWorkorderServiceCustomList
Read only list of WorkorderServiceCustomList..::..WorkorderServiceCustomListInfo objects used in grids and summary reports
Public classWorkorderServiceDetailedReportData
Detailed service workorder data for reporting
Public classWorkorderServiceExpenseList
Read only list of WorkorderServiceExpenseList..::..WorkorderServiceExpenseListInfo objects used in grids and summary reports
Public classWorkorderServiceItemList
Read only list of WorkorderServiceItemList..::..WorkorderServiceItemListInfo objects used in grids and summary reports
Public classWorkorderServiceLaborList
Read only list of WorkorderServiceLaborList..::..WorkorderServiceLaborListInfo objects used in grids and summary reports
Public classWorkorderServiceList
Read only list of WorkorderServiceList..::..WorkorderServiceListInfo objects representing service workorders. Used by grids and summary reports.
Public classWorkorderServiceLoanList
Read only list of WorkorderServiceLoanList..::..WorkorderServiceLoanListInfo objects used in grids and summary reports
Public classWorkorderServicePartList
Read only list of WorkorderServicePartList..::..WorkorderServicePartListInfo objects used in grids and summary reports
Public classWorkorderServiceScheduledUserList
Read only list of WorkorderServiceScheduledUserList..::..WorkorderServiceScheduledUserListInfo objects used in grids and summary reports
Public classWorkorderServiceTravelList
Read only list of WorkorderServiceTravelList..::..WorkorderServiceTravelListInfo objects used in grids and summary reports
Public classWorkorderStatus
Status selectable for WorkorderService objects for filtering, sorting, reporting and notification purposes
Public classWorkorderStatuses
Collection of WorkorderStatus objects connected to a Workorder
Public classWorkorderStatusPickList
Lightweight read only list of WorkorderStatusPickList..::..WorkorderStatusPickListInfo objects representing WorkorderStatus objects. Used for selection in UI and internally by business objects.
Public classWorkorderTypeFetcher
Used to quickly fetch the workorder type for internal processing


Public structureAppointmentList..::..AppointmentListInfo
Public structureAyaFileList..::..AyaFileListInfo
Public structureClientList..::..ClientListInfo
Public structureClientListDetailed..::..ClientListDetailedInfo
Public structureClientNotesReportList..::..ClientNotesReportListInfo
Public structureClientPickList..::..ClientPickListInfo
Public structureClientServiceRequestList..::..ClientServiceRequestListInfo
Public structureContractList..::..ContractListInfo
Public structureDispatchZonePickList..::..DispatchZonePickListInfo
Public structureFollowUpPickList..::..FollowUpPickListInfo
Public structureHeadOfficeList..::..HeadOfficeListInfo
Public structureHeadOfficeListDetailed..::..HeadOfficeListDetailedInfo
Public structureLoanItemList..::..LoanItemListInfo
Display attributes
Public structureLoanItemPickList..::..LoanItemPickListInfo
Public structureLocaleList..::..LocaleListInfo
Public structureMemoList..::..MemoListInfo
Public structureNotifyDeliveryLogList..::..NotifyDeliveryLogListInfo
Log fields
Public structurePartInventoryAdjustmentList..::..PartInventoryAdjustmentListInfo
Public structurePartInventoryAdjustmentListDetailed..::..PartInventoryAdjustmentListDetailedInfo
Public structurePartInventoryList..::..PartInventoryListInfo
Public structurePartList..::..PartListInfo
Public structurePartPickList..::..PartPickListInfo
Public structurePartRestockRequiredByVendorList..::..PartRestockRequiredByVendorListInfo
Log fields
Public structurePartSerialPickList..::..PartSerialPickListInfo
Public structurePartWarehouseInventoryList..::..PartWarehouseInventoryListInfo
Public structurePartWarehousePickList..::..PartWarehousePickListInfo
Public structurePartWorkorderItemRequestByVendorList..::..PartWorkorderItemRequestByVendorListInfo
Log fields
Public structurePriorityPickList..::..PriorityPickListInfo
Public structureProjectList..::..ProjectListInfo
Public structurePurchaseOrderList..::..PurchaseOrderListInfo
Public structurePurchaseOrderListDetailed..::..PurchaseOrderListDetailedInfo
Public structurePurchaseOrderListReceivableForVendor..::..PurchaseOrderListReceivableForVendorInfo
Public structurePurchaseOrderReceiptList..::..PurchaseOrderReceiptListInfo
Public structurePurchaseOrderReceiptListDetailed..::..PurchaseOrderReceiptListDetailedInfo
Public structureRatePickList..::..RatePickListInfo
Public structureRegionList..::..RegionListInfo
Public structureReportList..::..ReportListInfo
Public structureReportPickList..::..ReportPickListInfo
Public structureScheduleableUserGroupPickList..::..ScheduleableUserGroupPickListInfo
Public structureScheduleableUserGroupUsersList..::..ScheduleableUserGroupUsersListInfo
Public structureSearchResultList..::..SearchResultListInfo
Public structureSecurityGroupList..::..SecurityGroupListInfo
Public structureServiceBankList..::..ServiceBankListInfo
Public structureTaskPickList..::..TaskPickListInfo
Public structureTaxCodeList..::..TaxCodeListInfo
Public structureTemplatePickList..::..TemplatePickListInfo
Public structureTemplatePreventiveMaintenanceList..::..TemplatePreventiveMaintenanceListInfo
Public structureTemplateQuoteList..::..TemplateQuoteListInfo
Public structureTemplateServiceList..::..TemplateServiceListInfo
Public structureUnitList..::..UnitListInfo
Public structureUnitMeterReadingList..::..UnitMeterReadingListInfo
Public structureUnitModelList..::..UnitModelListInfo
Public structureUnitModelPickList..::..UnitModelPickListInfo
Public structureUnitPickList..::..UnitPickListInfo
Public structureUserList..::..UserListInfo
Public structureUserListScheduleable..::..UserListScheduleableInfo
Public structureUserPickList..::..UserPickListInfo
Public structureVendorList..::..VendorListInfo
Public structureVendorListDetailed..::..VendorListDetailedInfo
Public structureVendorPickList..::..VendorPickListInfo
Public structureWorkorderItemPartRequestList..::..WorkorderItemPartRequestListInfo
Read only list of parts requested on workorders
Public structureWorkorderItemTypePickList..::..WorkorderItemTypePickListInfo
Public structureWorkorderPickList..::..WorkorderPickListInfo
Public structureWorkorderPMCustomList..::..WorkorderPMCustomListInfo
Public structureWorkorderPMItemList..::..WorkorderPMItemListInfo
Public structureWorkorderPMLaborList..::..WorkorderPMLaborListInfo
Public structureWorkorderPMList..::..WorkorderPMListInfo
Public structureWorkorderPMPartList..::..WorkorderPMPartListInfo
Public structureWorkorderPMScheduledUserList..::..WorkorderPMScheduledUserListInfo
Public structureWorkorderPMTravelList..::..WorkorderPMTravelListInfo
Public structureWorkorderQuoteCustomList..::..WorkorderQuoteCustomListInfo
Public structureWorkorderQuoteItemList..::..WorkorderQuoteItemListInfo
Public structureWorkorderQuoteLaborList..::..WorkorderQuoteLaborListInfo
Public structureWorkorderQuoteList..::..WorkorderQuoteListInfo
Public structureWorkorderQuotePartList..::..WorkorderQuotePartListInfo
Public structureWorkorderQuoteScheduledUserList..::..WorkorderQuoteScheduledUserListInfo
Public structureWorkorderQuoteTravelList..::..WorkorderQuoteTravelListInfo
Public structureWorkorderServiceBillableList..::..WorkorderServiceBillableListInfo
Public structureWorkorderServiceCustomList..::..WorkorderServiceCustomListInfo
Public structureWorkorderServiceExpenseList..::..WorkorderServiceExpenseListInfo
Public structureWorkorderServiceItemList..::..WorkorderServiceItemListInfo
Public structureWorkorderServiceLaborList..::..WorkorderServiceLaborListInfo
Public structureWorkorderServiceList..::..WorkorderServiceListInfo
Public structureWorkorderServiceLoanList..::..WorkorderServiceLoanListInfo
Public structureWorkorderServicePartList..::..WorkorderServicePartListInfo
Public structureWorkorderServiceScheduledUserList..::..WorkorderServiceScheduledUserListInfo
Public structureWorkorderServiceTravelList..::..WorkorderServiceTravelListInfo
Public structureWorkorderStatusPickList..::..WorkorderStatusPickListInfo


Public enumerationAddressTypes
Types of addresses used in AyaNova
Public enumerationAyaDayOfWeek
Public enumerationAyaFileType
Used to identify file types for display and internal processing purposes
Public enumerationAyaUnitsOfTime
Used throughout AyaNova wherever a unit of time needs to be selected or acted upon
Public enumerationClientServiceRequestPriority
User chosen priority for their service request
Public enumerationClientServiceRequestStatus
The current status of a customers service request as it progresses through the system
Public enumerationCoordinateTypes
Geographical co-ordinate nomenclature to use
Public enumerationFormFieldDataTypes
Used by ObjectCustomField. When a user customizes the custom fields these are the types of display and input they can select from
Public enumerationLatitudeHemisphere
Hemisphere for setting defaults in UI for co-ordinate inference
Public enumerationLoanItemRates
Loan item rate period
Public enumerationLongitudeHemisphere
Prime meridian offset for setting defaults in UI for co-ordinate inference
Public enumerationPartDisplayFormats
Used for controlling appearance of parts in user interface
Public enumerationPurchaseOrderStatus
Enumeration used to track Purchase Order through business process from start to closed
Public enumerationRateTypes
Billable service types
Public enumerationRootObjectTypes
RootObject types. Note that some items here are not strictly root objects, but are included because they need to be identified for other purposes such as indexed keywords etc.
Public enumerationScheduleableUserNameDisplayFormats
Options for how scheduleable user names are displayed in the AyaNova UI and in reports. This is used by the Global and User objects
Public enumerationScheduleMarkerSourceTypes
Source that the schedulemarker applies to
Public enumerationScheduleViews
Used by UI
Public enumerationSecurityLevelTypes
Security access rights
Public enumerationUnitNameDisplayFormats
The style of presentation of a unit to display in the user interface
Public enumerationUserTypes
Variations of User types
Public enumerationVendorTypes
Categorization of vendors Used to tag a vendor and filter which areas it appears in lists in the user interface
Public enumerationWarrantyStatus
Warranty status of Unit
Public enumerationWorkorderItemPartDiscountTypes
Public enumerationWorkorderItemTaskCompletionTypes
Indicates status of task
Public enumerationWorkorderQuoteStatusTypes
Selected status types on WorkorderQuote object Used to track progress of quote for reporting and business process purposes
Public enumerationWorkorderTypes
The workorder object can be one of several flavors depending on the purpose it will be used for. This enumeration is used to indicate which type of workorder should be created and or to identify what type of workorder we have.