The AssignedDoc type exposes the following members.


Public propertyCreated
Get created date
Public propertyCreator
Get user record ID of person who created this record
Public propertyDescription
Set/get Description of item
Public propertyExactRootObjectType
AssignedDocs associated with any workorder type are saved attributed to rootobject type Workorder. Since version 7 that has been deprecated but to maintain backward compatibility wikipages are still associated with Workorder. This properly shows the actual exact workorder type that retrieved this assigneddoc object. It is not stored in the database but used on the fly internally by AyaNova to check exact rights.
Public propertyID
ID of assigneddoc entry
Public propertyModified
Get modified date
Public propertyModifier
Get user ID of person who modified this record
Public propertyRootObjectID
Public propertyRootObjectType
RootObject Type
Public propertyURL
URL for document This could be an internet URL, a UNC path and file name or a drive letter path filename to the file in question Basically this is anything that is understood by the Windows Shell Maximum of 4000 characters

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